Honda’s ‘performance’ performance sedan is worth the money

HONDA’S “performance” SUVs, including the “performance sedan” model and the “gorge” model, are worth the $6,900 you’d pay for a new 2017 Ford Focus.

But for 2017, you can also get the $5,500 Civic sedan and the $3,900 Civic hatchback.

It’s not clear why Honda would offer such high prices for the “Performance” models, given that they’re basically a new generation of the base-model Civic.

The base model Focus is already a lot more expensive than the “Gorge” and “Performance,” but there’s little reason to pay more for a “performance.”

But Honda doesn’t just have to make money from a “glorified” model.

Honda’s strategy of selling premium SUVs to consumers who want them is also a big part of the strategy.

If you buy the Civic sedan, you get the option to buy the Honda Civic hatch, a hatchback that looks a lot like the base model.

(I know, it’s a bit confusing, but you get it.)

That makes the Civic hatch a good bargain for consumers who need a hatchcar, especially considering the price.

The $5 and $3 price tags for the base models aren’t a big deal for people who just want a hatch, but for some people, buying the “SuperSport” version of the Civic and the Civic Hatchback adds up.

For people who want something more than just a car, the “Special Performance” versions of the hatchbacks will likely be better value than the base Civic.

If Honda’s “Performance”-based SUVs were a better value, you’d be better off with the base Focus, the Civic, or the Civic Sedan.

Honda says that the “super performance” Civic is more powerful and more comfortable than the Civic that is offered in the base sedan, which is a good thing.

Honda says that Honda’s SuperSport Performance sedan and Civic hatch will have more ground clearance than the average Civic, and it will offer more interior space and rear seating.

But you should be careful with the “Premium” version.

Honda is offering the “premium” version that is more expensive.

If the price of the “Premium” Civic was $7,500, it would be the best value for someone who doesn’t want to get the base, “Performance-based” model of the Focus.

And that’s a big if.

If that $7k you paid for the car is the difference between getting a “Performance.” or a “Glorified Performance,” then Honda’s price tag is about $9,200.

The “Premium Performance” model will cost you $11,400, and the Honda “Super Performance” version will cost $14,200 for the hatchback and $17,200 in the super sports sedan.

That’s a huge jump.

For a new Focus, that’s about the same as getting a Honda Civic, which starts at $24,400.

For the sake of argument, let’s say you paid $9k for a Honda Focus and the price tag for the new Civic was around $10k.

That makes you better off buying the base “Performance Performance” Civic, the $7.5k Civic Hatch, or a Honda Super Sport Performance.

Even if you don’t like the “quality” Civic you get, you might still want a Civic Sedance hatchback, because the new models offer better interior space, better storage space, and better features.

And the super performance versions of both the Civic sedans and the Super Sport sedans also come with more rear seats than the standard Civic.

Honda offers two “super sports” versions: the “Sedan” version with an optional rear seat and an extra driver seat, and a “Sport” model with an extra passenger seat.

When it comes to quality, the super-performance Civic sedan is the best choice.

Honda puts a lot of effort into the “sport” version, and I’d be shocked if it didn’t sell enough of them to make up for the price premium.

Honda calls the new “super sport” models the “Supersport Sedans,” and they look very much like the Civic versions of those two cars.

The Supersport sedan is lighter, quieter, and more powerful.

The new Supersports have a higher peak torque and more aggressive engine braking, and they’re also lighter, easier to park, and less prone to rolling over.

Honda also calls the “Sport Performance” models “Sensors Sedans” because they have an improved infotainment system.

I can’t say enough good things about the “Sports” Superseries.

The best-looking and most advanced models are the “Audi” models.

Both the Civic “S” and the Accord “S,” which is the “sedan” of the two

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