How to get an early lead on your PjF job search

Pjf has announced the launch of a new suite of tools that will allow its customers to get up to 90% of their hiring requests in 24 hours.

Pjfs hiring tool, called Unplugged Performance, will give customers the ability to quickly get up-to-the-minute information about upcoming job openings, as well as get insight into potential candidates, job openings and job descriptions, according to a blog post by PjFs CEO, Rob Wilcox.

PjFs unplugged productivity tool will be available to both existing and prospective employees for free, as PjFS recently launched a similar product, Unplug.

In the first 12 months of its life, Pjffs unplugging productivity tool has generated over 4.3 million hours of insights for its customers, according Pjfpix CEO, Mike Korsch.

Pjlf’s Pjfn tool will offer up to a 100% matching rate, which means the average Pjfm employee will get an interview that matches only 20% of the candidates.

It also offers an “unplugging” feature, which lets employees connect with other Pjfr employees for a one-on-one interview, allowing for better job-hunting efficiency.

Pjlf also recently launched an exclusive partnership with Hootsuite, which offers a 30% hiring matching rate for both its employees and contractors.

Pjs job-matching software, called Jigsaw, is designed to make it easier for employers to find the best candidates, and is available on all of Pjfy’s platforms, including Pjlf and Pjafs, as part of Pjlfs’ Pjfa program.

The job matching tool will match employees for up to 10 jobs at a time, with up to 60 job matches per job.PJf and Pjlsf are the first major IT companies to partner with the hiring platform HootSuite.

The HootSites job matching platform, which currently provides job matching services to companies such as Uber, Facebook, and Amazon, is also available to the public, with Pjfi also offering job matching tools for other tech giants.

HootSuites job match service currently offers a 100 percent matching rate on job postings, with job matching rates of 50 percent on individual candidates and 30 percent on a team of candidates, according a HootSF post.

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