How to get your kids into theatre for free with The Globe and Mail’s free tickets guide

By getting your kids to perform in their own art form, they can have fun, discover and grow.

This article is adapted from a previous version that mistakenly said a free ticket was required to attend an event in Toronto.

This story has been updated to clarify that there is no requirement for students to take theatre classes or to be a theatre instructor.

It has been edited to remove reference to the Toronto International Film Festival as the event was in Toronto and to add that there are no such requirements.

What to know about the festival: The Toronto International Festival (TIFF) has been running in Toronto for more than two decades and is the largest free arts festival in North America.

The festival is held in downtown Toronto from September through April each year, with more than 3,000 acts and performances.

It is the biggest of its kind in North American, attracting artists from across the globe and attracting a large number of international and international-based artists to the city.

For more information, see TIFF 2017: Live and on-site, events & more.

What is theatre?

Theatre is a form of performance that involves people, ideas and objects.

It can be a theatrical performance, or it can be an art form.

TIFF, like other festivals, has its own set of rules, including that you have to be 16 or older.

But the festival doesn’t limit its participants to students or adults; anyone can attend.

TIFF offers more than 40 events for students, adults and children to attend.

Many of these include concerts, festivals and musical performances.

Here’s how to get started.

What you need to know Before you go to the festival, you’ll need to check to make sure you’re not breaking any rules or that you are in compliance with any of the festival’s guidelines.

For those that want to do some research before attending, the festival website has a number of resources to help you find the right events for you.

For the basics, there’s a short guide to the event and some of the festivals that are on offer.

For a more detailed look, you should check out the festival schedule on its website, which has a complete list of all the festivals on offer this year.

What are the festivals?

TIFF has a range of events for young audiences, from a free festival for adults to a family festival for children, adults, teens and people under the age of 12.

The majority of the events are held at a theatre space in Toronto, but there are also free concerts and festivals throughout the city, as well as concerts and other events in other cities.

Some of the major events are: The National Gallery of Canada’s Toronto Arts Festival.

This free festival is a collaboration between Toronto arts organizations and a number Canadian artists.

Tickets cost $25 each and include admission to the gallery, a complimentary pint glass of beer and a special ticket to one of the galleries main performances.

If you want to see some of Toronto’s most iconic artworks, there are plenty of events to choose from.

It’s the perfect opportunity to see the city in all its glory, as part of the National Gallery’s Summer of Art series.

The Royal Canadian Opera’s Toronto Festival is also a great option for families to see performances in the city’s theatres.

The National Ballet of Canada Toronto’s Toronto City Ballet Festival has more than 300 performances across the city every month.

If the family is looking for a family-friendly experience, there is also the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s Toronto Symphony Festival, which includes performances at Toronto’s iconic St. James Theatre.

The Canadian Opera presents a free and open concert series for children at the Royal Canadian Theatre every summer for a total of 10 concerts and performances, as of June 2017.

It was held annually from May through November.

The International Ballet Theatre’s Toronto Summer Festival is the premier Toronto summer festival for theatre lovers.

It draws audiences from across Canada to enjoy free theatre and interactive performances in over 60 theatres across the country.

If your family is planning on attending, make sure to bring a camera and a camera-ready smartphone.

There are also plenty of opportunities to watch the performances on a screen that can be connected to your television.

The Toronto Zoo is also offering a free summer festival from June through September every year.

The event features interactive performances, performances by local and international artists and a zoo tour.

There is also an adult admission fee.

The Vancouver Art Gallery’s annual Summerfest features more than 120 free concerts throughout the summer for the whole family.

The Festival of Contemporary Art (FCA) offers free admission to a wide variety of arts events, including theatre, music and dance, and performance art.

The FCA has been offering free events to families since 2014, and this year is the first time they will be offering free admission.

The 2018 event runs from June 1 to October 31 and includes a free concert by local artists and performances at the city park.

What’s in the schedule?

The festival schedule

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