Performing for the Bills is about to become a lot more important, says Rex Ryan

Performing in the NFL is a game of numbers.

You need to score touchdowns, you need to create turnovers and you need your defense to do a little bit of everything to keep your team in contention.

And for the Buffalo Bills, the numbers are getting better every year.

The Bills finished last year with the most interceptions in the league.

They also led the NFL with the fewest total yards allowed per game, and they were the only team with two shutouts last season.

That’s when the pressure started to mount on Buffalo coach Rex Ryan.

Last year’s season began with the team having to decide how they wanted to address the defense, and Ryan made it clear that they needed to play a lot better.

The defensive coaches and players were told they would need to play more aggressive and that would have to be the first thing they addressed when the season started.

The defense improved and that was a big step for the defense.

And this season, that’s what the Bills did.

Buffalo’s defense allowed only 3.8 points per game last year, but the Bills defense allowed 4.3 points per drive.

And they were even better in those situations.

In those games, Buffalo allowed an average of just 0.3 passing yards per drive and just 0 and 0.1 rushing yards per game.

That was a huge difference from the first four games last season when the Bills allowed an incredible 5.2 passing yards and 1.8 rushing yards on average per drive against a stingy Oakland Raiders defense.

And the defense is showing signs of improvement as well.

The defense allowed just 1.9 points per play in the fourth quarter last year against the Raiders, and it’s also a big improvement over the first five games when Buffalo allowed 2.6 points per run and just 1 and 0 rushing yards.

And there’s another reason why the Bills have been a big difference in the last four games.

The Bills defense has been a major factor in their success.

The last four Buffalo games have all come on the road.

That makes them a much more attractive game for opponents.

If you’re going to be at home, you want to play on the right side of the field.

The teams in that position are very good, so that’s why we have a lot of success on the back end.

So when you play the Buffalo defense, you know what you’re getting.

And if you play a good defense, then your offense is going to go through the roof.

The Buffalo defense allowed the most rushing yards in the entire league last year.

And that’s a good thing because the Bills had the second-fewest rushing touchdowns allowed.

Last season, they had just two.

Last year, they allowed just 4.1 yards per carry, the second worst mark in the history of the NFL.

That will be no different this season.

Last season, Buffalo had a solid pass rush and a good secondary.

That secondary will be back, but with a big addition this offseason.

Last week, the Bills added a big name in cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

Ramsey is a great athlete and he can make plays in the run game.

But the biggest addition this off-season is that he’s a great pass rusher and the Bills are going to need that.

And they added two more players who can help.

They’re two of the best defensive players in the draft.

Last off-year, the New York Giants selected Michigan State’s Jalen Collins and Florida State’s Dontari Poe.

They have both been in the running for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

The Giants are a team that has made huge strides since the days of Jerry Rice.

They’ve improved their defense in each of the last two years, but it took some time.

Last fall, they won their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

But now, they have a new head coach in Sean McDermott and a new defense.

The big difference between last year and this year is that McDermott has a new scheme that will allow the team to use all four players on the field at the same time.

That gives the team more flexibility and gives the players more freedom to attack the offense.

They need to attack opponents as well as they can attack each other.

So McDermott is going all-in on the defense this year.

Last years defense, McDermott was using the two-deep.

This year, he’s going to use the three-deep and the four-deep, but he will still use a five-man front with four defensive ends on each side.

And if you watch the team this year, the defense can play multiple fronts, including man coverage.

Last time, McDermid would line up in the nickel defense, but now he’s leaning more on his two-back, two-safety base.

Last times, he would play in nickel with the defensive ends split wide.

And now, he will play in a 4-3, with the safeties

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