‘You’re the worst’: Man who killed his wife to save her life says she’s ‘the worst’

It was just before midnight on May 18, 2014, and a 21-year-old man was driving home in a Ford Focus.

As he drove past his sister’s house in the suburb of St. Catharines, he spotted a woman on a sidewalk.

The young man stopped, pulled over and called for help.

The woman was unresponsive, and she was taken to a hospital.

The man told police that he killed her with a shotgun because he feared for her safety.

The investigation found that the woman’s life was in danger, and he was charged with first-degree murder.

A judge dismissed the murder charges against the young man, and police arrested the woman a few days later.

He was convicted of manslaughter, and in 2015, he was sentenced to six years in prison.

The Toronto man is appealing his conviction.

He says his sister, who died of a heart attack in 2009, was the “worst” person he ever killed, because she had no “moral compass.”

“I didn’t think twice about killing her, because I was scared for her life,” he told CBC News.

“I thought about killing the life that was right in front of me.”

“You’re like a monster” ‘You can’t do this to a child’ When his sister died, the young couple was living in a house that was “just a mess,” he said.

The couple had a dispute over a house, and one of them got violent with another woman in the house.

“It was just like a nightmare,” he recalled.

“We’re just living in this mess, and you can’t put yourself in that situation again.”

“She was the only one I could think of that I could trust.

And I was the worst one in the world.”

He told CBC he doesn’t think about killing anyone in general.

“That’s the worst part, to think about doing something like that,” he continued.

“You can do it to someone else, but it’s just a horrible thing to do to a kid.”

In his defence, the judge said the young men actions were justified because they were concerned about a “family” member being hurt.

“When your life is in danger like that, it’s not the way you want to live your life, right?

But if you’re the person that has to do it, you’re not going to do anything different,” he added.

“But you can do something that’s not wrong, right?”

In 2015, the Toronto man was sentenced for manslaughter and will spend another six years behind bars.

He’s appealing his decision.

“People have to be careful when they’re doing this stuff,” he admitted.

“This is not a normal crime, and I can’t control what’s going to happen to me, or the people that I’m around.”‘

You don’t understand how devastating it can be’ The young men’s story is not unique.

A study released by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics this year found that nearly one in three Canadians have witnessed someone kill their spouse or partner in the past year.

In fact, the report says that in 2013, the most common type of killing was in a domestic violence situation, while one in five incidents involved domestic violence.

“There are so many of these kinds of incidents that occur,” said Amanda Hirsch, director of the Centre for the Study of Violence against Women.

“And the fact that it’s so commonplace, there’s no way to control it.”

She said it’s difficult to understand why, even if you’ve had a life partner, you don’t see violence towards women as a regular part of your life.

“A lot of people have a sense that they’re not at risk,” she said.

“They’re not really seeing it as a problem.

It’s a normal thing that happens.”

And while violence against women is often reported in a variety of forms, the majority of women who experience violence are victims, said Hirsch.

“Violence against women does happen,” she explained.

“In fact, women are far more likely than men to be victims.”

“It’s a problem, but we don’t know why it’s happening, or how it happens,” she added.

One way to prevent violence against female victims is to address what’s called “the power dynamic.”

When someone is abusive or controlling, their power to hurt you or make you feel unsafe is often felt, said Amy Waggoner, a psychotherapist who specializes in intimate partner violence and trauma.

She told CBC that women often experience “power-based” anger or frustration because of their partner’s abuse or controlling behaviour.

“Power is not necessarily directed towards the other person, it can just be directed towards them,” she noted.

“So it’s a way of using anger and frustration to control the person.”

In fact the vast majority of men who are abused, assaulted or assaulted with an unwanted sexual advance or sexual coercion do not report

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