When a robot is better than you, we should be proud

By David R. Schmitt , ReutersA group of robotics experts in the United States is working on a new high-performance vehicle for military use.

They call it the Jegs Performance Performance Parts 2.0, or JPG2.0.

The company says it can take a human-like stance, like a soldier, and have an improved human-sized vehicle that’s lighter and faster than an existing robotic military vehicle.

The JPG-2.00, which will be based on the company’s next-generation JPG platform, is designed to carry weapons, payloads and cargo.

It has been developed to meet the needs of the military, as well as civilians.

The company, which is backed by Alphabet Inc., has raised $100 million from private investors, including the Gates Foundation.

In September, the company showed off a prototype of the JPG 2.00 to the media, including Reuters.

The technology can be used to deliver payloads, such as soldiers to remote locations.

The military needs a military-ready vehicle that can carry multiple weapons, which would enable them to move across wide areas.

The vehicle would also be able to carry heavy equipment, including soldiers, equipment and other personnel, said Josh Laskin, vice president of product development for JPG.

The Army is planning to test the vehicle in 2018.

“I would love to have the capability of moving a whole bunch of soldiers and equipment across the United State of America,” Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said during the unveiling.

“But the answer is no.”

A spokesperson for the Army said the Jpg 2.

0 is not ready to go into the field yet, but it is a milestone in the Army’s development of the new platform.

The government of China and Russia, which have been leading the development of robotic vehicles for military purposes, are also investing in robotic military vehicles.

A spokesperson from China’s Ministry of National Defense said last year that the Jagp 2.50 would be the world’s fastest, lightest and most efficient military vehicle, according to a Xinhua News Agency report.

China’s military is currently in the middle of developing a robotic platform for the 2020 Olympics, with the goal of winning medals.

The robot platform is expected to use an automated, self-learning technology.

The U.S. military also is developing robots, including a robotic arm that is used for training.

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