How to get to the heart of a hip-hop performance with a hybrid performance method

The traditional hip-hopping method involves using the hip to push the floorboards in front of the body, or the hips, with a hip pad to help you balance and perform on the floor.

This technique, however, is extremely challenging to master and requires a lot of technique.

This video will show you how to use the hip pad and a traditional hip to achieve the same result.

Hip pad tips to make the most of your technique While you may find yourself using hip pads and hip pads on the same day, they work best together to help keep your hip from rotating.

First, place your hip pads in a position that is comfortable for your hips and thighs.

You may have to stretch them out a bit, but they’re still not as stretchy as traditional hip pads.

Next, position the hip pads so that they are parallel to the floor, so that the pad is perpendicular to your spine.

For example, if you have your hips at an angle, the hip should be perpendicular to the ground.

To ensure your hips stay aligned, you should also hold the pads upright, so they don’t rotate as you push your hips forward.

Lastly, keep your hips in the same position while performing a hip hop.

If you feel that you are too far back, you can use the back of your hips to push your feet forward and push your ankles in the opposite direction.

With all of these tips in place, you’ll have a very smooth transition from hip-pumping to hip-dancing.

How to use hip pads Hip pads can also be used to assist you in a more traditional way.

In hip-popping, the hips are pushed forward by using your hips as a push wheel.

To do this, put your hip pad between your hip bones, as if you were pushing a wheel up the side of your body.

This position helps keep your pelvis upright.

Next put your hips into a vertical position, as in a vertical pushup.

This makes it easier for you to maintain your balance.

Finally, place a hip pads between your knees, and hold the pad in place with your hands.

To achieve this, try to keep your shoulders back as you perform the hip hop and pushups.

If your hips don’t stay in the proper position, you may not be able to maintain a good balance.

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