‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ will be a ‘big’ movie, but ‘the whole thing’ will ‘be a trilogy’

“The film itself, that’s all we can really talk about.

We have no idea where the film is going to end up, how it’s going to be directed or what the script is.

That’s all a matter of conjecture,” he said.

“We have no way of knowing what’s going on inside the characters’ heads, but we have some ideas.”

The Force, as Abrams said, is real and powerful, but that power doesn’t mean it’s limitless.

The films “end up in a sort of limbo, sort of like a limbo between an episode of ‘Lost’ and the next one,” Abrams said.

“The first one is like a lot of things in this universe, it’s a series of episodic stories that get progressively longer and more intricate,” Abrams added.

“The second one is a trilogy that’s a full-fledged trilogy.

So that’s kind of what the idea is.

But the whole thing, it is a series, it has a conclusion.

So I think the whole concept of a trilogy is really about making a big, sweeping, emotional, sprawling, epic film that’s worth watching.

It’s like watching a great epic movie, or a huge blockbuster.”

The big picture, the one that’s going around the world, Abrams said was that the “big picture is that Star Wars has a tremendous fanbase.”

“It’s not only the movie, it was a franchise, it became a very significant thing in the pop culture landscape of this country.

So it’s not just that the movie itself is a big deal, but it’s that the whole process of building the franchise was very important.”

The new Star Wars movie will debut in 2019 and, in that time, the franchise will have expanded from a prequel series to a trilogy, with the last movie being released in 2019.

In 2017, Abrams told Yahoo TV, “It will be like a trilogy.

It will be bigger than ‘Episode VII,’ and it will be better than ‘Star Trek,’ and better than every other franchise in the history of movies.

It’ll be a bigger movie than the previous trilogy.””

There will be more content, there will be new characters and characters that you’ll be playing with,” he added.

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