Toyota and Lexus unveil their next generation SUV performance parts

Toyota and the Toyota Group announced Tuesday that it is bringing performance parts to the Toyota Supra SUV.

The company says the new Toyota Supras new performance parts will include “performance” parts, and that the new parts will work with the Supra’s performance-oriented, “performance-plus” tire package.

The new performance-plus tire package includes high performance performance rubber, which is a higher-strength rubber with a longer life span.

The tires also feature tread patterns that are different from the regular tires on the Supras regular tires.

These patterns, Toyota says, allow the tire to roll more easily.

Toyota’s performance tires are lighter than those on its Lexus SUVs, and they are designed to roll on roads with varying surface conditions.

The new Supras performance tires will have more tread than the Lexus tires, so they’ll be lighter than the standard performance tires on Toyota vehicles.

The wheels are also lighter than standard wheels on Lexus vehicles, and Toyota says they will be lighter and more responsive than those of other competitors.

The Supras “performance+” tire will come in four colors: white, red, yellow and blue.

The performance-Plus tire on the new Supra will come with a range of performance tires from Michelin, Dunlop, KTM, Pirelli and other manufacturers.

The “performance plus” tires on this model will be available in a range from 60 to 80 miles per hour on a variety of highway surfaces, and up to 125 miles per day on city streets.

Toyota says the “performance +” tire on this Supra is designed to handle the kind of road and traffic conditions that Lexus drivers can expect on a daily basis, and will roll faster than the “normal” performance tires.

Toyota has previously said that its performance tires, which it says are the best available on the market, will roll at around 50 mph on the highway, and 70 mph on city roads.

The Toyota Supraman is a two-seat SUV designed to perform on a racetrack.

It is available in four variants.

The first two variants, the Premium and Limited, are available with all-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission.

The third and fourth models, the Sport and Sport Plus, are offered with a six or eight-speed automatic transmission.

Each of these models comes with a $10,000 price tag.

The fifth model, the SUV Performance Plus, is available with a four-wheel-drive, six-speaker sound system.

The Supramans latest performance-boosted model, called the Supramatic, will debut in 2021.

The vehicle is expected to offer about 50 miles per charge on a single charge, and 40 on the second charge.

The company also says that the next generation of Supras will include an all-new “performance engine” that will make it possible to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than six seconds, and hit a top speed of 155 mph.

That engine, which will come to the Supracam, is expected later this year.

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