Australian speed test highlights a lack of performance in the east

The Australian National Speed Test is a three-day endurance race for drivers and motorcyclists, which is held annually on the Gold Coast.

It is held every two years.

For 2016, the race was held on June 10 and 11 at the Adelaide Motorsport Park.

The event is known for its strong performances, with both the average and average time of the event at the end of the race being over 2.7 seconds.

However, in the west of Australia, the average time was 1.9 seconds slower than the average of the previous two years and the average speed was just over 1.1 seconds slower.

This lack of speed in the western part of the country, where the track is less crowded, is what attracted a number of commentators to the topic.

In a number in the media, it was suggested that the lack of motorcyclist performance was down to the fact that the road surface is so slippery.

In the last race in 2018, when the same conditions were used, the gap between the best and worst time was only 1.5 seconds, which was still better than the previous three years.

This was attributed to the slick conditions.

The Australian Motorcycle Association, which runs the event, has pointed out that the conditions on the track were ideal for the event.

However it was also suggested that because of the winter and lack of snow in 2018 that the gap in the average times would have been lower.

However the difference in average speeds of the two events could be attributed to different factors, with one argument being that the event takes place in the wetter weather and so more snow falls.

The other argument is that the track surface is not as slippery as in the other two events, which may explain why the average speeds were lower.

The difference in speed on the course is caused by the way the riders are riding.

The track is divided into two sections, which are about 50 metres apart.

Each section is separated by a wooden fence.

As a result of the course’s design, there is a gap of about 25 metres between each rider, which means that the average rider is travelling in the middle of the track.

The average speed of the rider is not known because it is only recorded when the rider goes through the fence.

It is known that riders in the same class have a better chance of passing each other, as they are in the most direct line of travel.

In 2018, the median time of 2.3 seconds was achieved, which came from a number four rider, who crossed the line in 2.5.

This rider was not part of this year’s race and therefore did not participate in the 2017 event.

The rider was the best rider at the time and, after the previous best was beaten by the rider with the best time, the rider’s average time in 2018 was 2.9.

However, it is possible that the rider that crossed the finish line in the top five times was a rider that was just finishing the race.

On the other hand, the time from the rider on the podium was less than the time recorded from the last rider.

This may be due to a technical issue, where it is not possible to measure the average distance of a rider through the course.

Other factors that may affect average speeds include the length of the motorway in which the track passes, the number of riders in a car, the speed of traffic on the motorways and the number and size of obstacles that the drivers encounter.

Overall, the Australian Motorcyclist Association said that it is “important to understand that the best performance in motorcycling is not achieved by the best riders.

The best riders will often fail in the conditions that they encounter and will often get worse.”

The association also stressed that it was important to remember that the events are not the same every year, as the weather is not the main factor that determines the average performance.

The organisation added that it wanted to promote safe riding and good teamwork on the roads.

If you are interested in attending the event in 2019, you can register online, which will take approximately three weeks.

Source: Australian Motorcycles Association (AMA)

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