How to watch the first ‘Hamilton’ at the Emmys: This is a must-see

There’s no doubt that the first episode of the new show has been a major highlight of the Emmett Till era, as it’s given us a glimpse into the lives of one of America’s most iconic black heroes.

And while we’re not sure if the first two episodes will be particularly compelling, we’ve already watched some of them in our daily lives, so it’s worth sharing our favorite scenes and reactions from the show.1.

The “I Am Yours” video: “I am yours” is one of the most iconic songs on the Hamilton album.

And for the second time, the video for the song’s title track has been released to promote the show, and you can find it below.

It’s hard to believe that this is just the first time that this song has been played live.

The first time this song was played live was in November of 2017, when the Hamilton cast and producers sat down to record a new song for the show that is slated to be performed on the show at the end of this month.

But, you know, the show’s been on the air for years.

So, if you’ve seen this song live, you’re going to be thrilled to know that the band is actually doing it in front of you.

It’s an incredible performance that was recorded by some of the best musicians around, and it really speaks to the show and to this community.

We’ve seen some of Hamilton’s most famous songs performed live before, and the audience reaction to this one really shows that.2.

When Hamilton’s showrunner, Michael De Luca, got into a heated argument with Hamilton star and fellow comedian Leslie Jones after Jones criticized him for his choice of costume for the opening credits, he got a little personal.

In the clip above, you can see De Lucas yelling at Jones as he gets into an argument about how Hamilton is a great show, before Jones takes the microphone and starts shouting back.

The video is a really great example of how De Lucahas’ passion for Hamilton can be seen through his performance.3.

The show’s first new song, “Truly I Am,” comes out with a lot of people excited.

You can listen to it below and, honestly, the first three minutes are pretty amazing.

The song is about the first of several musical themes that we’ll hear in the show; it opens up with the chorus of “There is a light in the world,” and ends with the song “We Shall Overcome.”

The first part is a little more straightforward, but it’s still a fun and catchy tune that makes it seem like Hamilton is the kind of show where you can feel your heart racing a little bit at times.4.

After Hamilton’s new music video is released, it will be played for the first show in over five years.

So, it’s a little strange that it won’t be played live until after the Emmy ceremony.

That’s because the Emmie Awards are actually the first ceremony that Hamilton can play live for a few months after it’s finished airing, and because it’s already one of Hamiltons biggest hits.

But we think it’s great that it’s finally going to get played live after all these years.5.

“Truly, I Am” is the showrunner’s way of saying, “I think you are better than I am, and I love you.”

The lyrics, which are about how the world can be changed by those who love people like you, were the focus of a heated exchange between the two at the start of the show in 2018.

It was a moment that felt more like an apology than a statement of intent, but we think De Luco made a really good one.

It feels genuine.

We’ve seen other episodes of “Hamilton” that were pretty personal, too.

One scene in which a woman, Leslie Jones, is sitting at a table reading a book to her daughter and is asked about her son’s death by Hamilton’s producer, Alexander Hamilton, was also pretty personal.

That scene made the entire show feel a little lighter than some of its previous episodes, and that’s really important.

We think De Luccas handled the scene beautifully.6.

The Emmys have always been a tough show for the creators.

Even though the Emmerdale producers are trying to take advantage of a huge audience and a new era of television to promote their show, they’re also trying to show the audience that they can still make great TV, and they’ve had some very bad moments in the past.

The new show is the first Emmys since “Game of Thrones” to have a white cast and showrunners, and we can’t wait to see what they do with the show for years to come.7.

Hamilton’s writers are really passionate about the show they’re writing.

The cast has a great rapport, and all of them seem to

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