How will the NFL’s 2016 draft class perform on a per-play basis?

The NFL Draft is underway and, at the moment, we’re just seeing the beginning of the action.

But the process has been well underway.

It’s one of the most exciting times in recent memory, so we’ve compiled a list of the five most anticipated draft prospects in the upcoming draft class.

This is a fairly standard process for a draft class of any size.

But because of the way the draft works, it’s more complicated than that.

The top-tier players are selected by the teams that made the best deals.

And those deals often don’t include the other players on the board.

So, in order to provide you with an accurate picture of the overall performance of a player at his position, we’ve done our best to combine the numbers from all 50 teams, as well as the player’s performance over his first four seasons, to arrive at the overall rating.

We’ve also included a ranking of each prospect’s draft position based on his position and whether he’s ranked in the top five of the first round or bottom five.

To get a better sense of the class at the position, here’s how each player’s overall rating compares to the group of players ranked in our “Best of the Rest” series.

(Note: We’ve done this for each position because we think a player’s draft stock at each position should be the most accurate indicator of his overall draft stock.)

So, let’s dive in.

We know the Eagles and Bears will pick first overall, but who will they target?

We know the 49ers will draft Carson Wentz, but we don’t know what they’re going to do with him.

How much does that affect the rankings?

(USATSI)When you’re looking at the NFL Draft, you need to consider every team’s entire draft pool.

The way the system works is that teams will have up to 10 selections in the first seven rounds.

Each team then will have 15 selections in those rounds, and the remaining 16 picks are reserved for those teams that make the playoffs.

In other words, every team gets to pick up to 15 players, with teams that finish in the bottom four getting zero picks in the next round.

That means the Eagles have a 20.5 percent chance of selecting Carson Wenty in the second round.

If they do, the Eagles’ pick would be at the bottom of the second.

And if they don’t, they’ll have the 10th overall pick in the draft.

The 49ers would be able to draft Carson on the same day, so they would have the 13th pick in that first round, which would make the pick at the top of the third round.

So the Eagles would pick at 14.

And then, once they pick, the 49er would pick the 18th overall selection, which will be at 11th overall.

That makes the Eagles pick at 18.

So if the Eagles don’t get Wentz in the third, they would pick 18, meaning they would get zero picks at the end of the draft, which is an even bigger blow to the Eagles.

It seems like the Bears would have to wait until the seventh round to draft Jared Goff.

How would that affect their ranking?

(Bears)It would seem like Jared Goff would have a very difficult time competing with the Eagles for the third pick in this draft, because he’s not even eligible until June 11.

But we know they’re a good team and have a decent crop of draft picks.

The Bears have an excellent group of draft choices, including the second-best pick in last year’s draft (Jared Goff).

So, that would mean they’d need to wait at least until the fourth round to make a decision.

That would give the Bears a 14.5 to 15 percent chance at Goff.

But that’s still way off from the top 10 picks.

So that’s an even greater concern.

What if the Packers get Dak Prescott?

(Packers)The Packers would need to sit down with Aaron Rodgers, who is scheduled to visit the team’s facility on Tuesday, to talk to him about the draft and the draft prospects.

We also know Rodgers will be a key player in the Green Bay offense this season.

The Packers also have to sit for some time with Josh Rosen, who’s slated to visit their facility in February.

If Rodgers and Rosen don’t make the team, it could be a while before Rodgers and the Packers will get to see the first-round pick.

If the Browns get Jabaal Sheard, will he improve their offensive line?

(Browns)The Browns might not have the first overall pick this year, but they’re in good position.

If not, they can still trade down to get a guy like Sheard.

They could also trade down for a quarterback or maybe even a defensive tackle.

The Browns would have at least five first-rounder slots.

The Saints could trade down or move up to get Dontari Poe

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