Which car is the best?

The Nissan Leaf has been on sale since mid-March, and its owners have been complaining about the lack of a range extender.

But, is there a car better than the Leaf?

According to new research, the answer might be “yes”. 

“We’re looking at the Nissan Leaf as a real-world example of the car market that is going through a huge transition,” said Stephen Miller, the senior research director for the research group Auto Express.

“There are all sorts of cars out there with a range-extender.

We’re looking for cars that don’t really need one.

And so if you think about the market right now, there are so many vehicles out there, and it’s such a huge market, we’re not sure what to make of the Nissan,” he told New Scientist.

The Nissan Leaf was built in 2007 and has a range of 265 miles (500km).

But it’s only a relatively small improvement from the original Leaf, which had a range that was only 80 miles (130km). 

The latest research suggests that the Leaf can achieve more than twice as much range than the Nissan, even if its petrol engine has been tuned to produce a lower range. 

“The Leaf has a lower torque curve, which makes it much more responsive and has better handling,” said Miller.

“But it’s also more expensive than the Ford Fiesta, which is also a relatively low-power petrol engine.”

The Fiesta is the car that really captures people’s imagination,” he added. 

The research shows that the Ford Mustang and the Mercedes-Benz E300 have a higher range extenders than the Leafs, with a combined range of almost 7,000 miles. 

Miller says the Ford Leaf is the “most successful” car in the world because it offers a range “that people love to drive”, and because it has a more efficient petrol engine and a longer wheelbase. 

Nissan says it’s working on a range extension for the Leaf that could come out in 2018.

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