How elite performance supply will be disrupted by COVID-19: Performance Health Supply

I will outline the implications of COVID on the performance supply chain, from the production of essential medicines to the supply of essential equipment and services to medical professionals.

We will look at how the supply chain will change and how the impact on healthcare will be felt.

We also look at the future of the supply chains of some of the world’s most powerful businesses and how we can make it easier for them to get back to work and deliver the best possible outcomes for their customers.

The supply chain is vital to ensuring the quality of medicine, and ensuring that our medical equipment, medicines and medical services are accessible and cost-effective for patients.

In this session, we will examine how the disruption to the performance chain will impact on the quality and affordability of healthcare.

The disruption to supply chains and the delivery of medicines to hospitals and medical facilities has been one of the biggest threats to the healthcare delivery system.

This session will look in depth at how this disruption will impact the performance of key organisations, the supply networks that are underpinning the healthcare supply chain and the companies that supply these organisations.

We will look closely at how organisations are adapting to the disruption, and the challenges that are facing the supply system.

We’ll also look back on the past decade in the healthcare market, and see how the sector has reacted to the changing requirements of patients.

We’ll explore how the performance and quality of healthcare can be improved.

We may look at ways of improving the delivery and quality in other areas of the healthcare industry, such as patient education, or how we will ensure the best healthcare is delivered to our patients.

We hope that this session will give you an insight into the future role that performance and supply chains will play in delivering the health and wellbeing of patients and patients’ healthcare professionals.

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