Trump’s victory is bad news for ‘American Dream’

The American Dream: It sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?

A dream of a life in which one’s aspirations are fulfilled by a career in a high-paying, prestigious business.

It sounds great in theory, but in reality, it’s a trap.

It requires the ability to find your niche and thrive, but it also requires an ability to pay your dues, as well as build a sense of community and a sense that you’re valued by others.

It takes hard work and determination.

The only way to break through the American Dream is to make the most of it.

The American dream has always been about opportunity for a better life, not just a certain amount of it or even just a lot of it, but a decent amount of the good stuff.

The problem with the American dream is that it’s often been a dream of someone else’s.

The people who have gotten the most out of it have never been the ones who made it happen.

A job that has been well-paying and secure is the ideal for a family.

The dream of getting rich is always a dream for a rich person, whether that person is a family or a close friend.

The family that has gotten the best out of this has never been that family.

It’s been a lot more than that.

The real American dream comes from working hard, investing in yourself, and making sure your dreams are fulfilled.

The idea that there are a lot fewer options for getting a decent-paying job than there are for getting rich, that you need to get a good job, and that if you don’t get a job, you’ll never get a decent job, is an illusion.

There are thousands of jobs that don’t require a high school diploma, and there are thousands more that don, but they are not exactly the same.

When you look at the American economy today, the people who get the most from it are people who are older than 50.

That’s the most important statistic.

The second most important is the fact that the median age is still around 40.

In a time of unprecedented wealth, the median wealth of Americans is more than twice that of people in the top 20 percent of the income distribution.

The number of people with jobs that pay more than $100,000 a year is the same as the number with jobs with median wages of $50,000.

The median income for people who earn $100k a year or more is the lowest it’s been in almost 70 years.

The bottom of the economic ladder has been shrinking for years.

People with middle-class or lower-income incomes are living longer, and more of them are now working full time.

There is less income inequality today than there was in the 1970s, the last time we had such a dramatic shift in the distribution of wealth.

And there’s an economic downturn that’s going on now that’s making it harder to raise a family and stay healthy.

But the American story is one that is changing, and people like me who are trying to keep the American tradition alive are the ones that are going to suffer the most.

The good news is that the economy is doing better.

There’s a growing belief that the middle class is recovering.

That there are jobs for everyone.

That the American promise is alive and well.

We are a better country for the good things we’ve done to improve the lives of our citizens.

The Americans who are getting the worst news from this election are people like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s election as president has had a profound impact on American life, but not for the reasons the president expected.

Donald J. Trump is not a true American.

He is not someone who has made a life for himself outside of politics, but has done so because he believes in the American Idea and because he loves this country.

That is why he has called himself “The American Hope.”

The American Hope has always meant a sense in which the American people could rise above themselves and get ahead in a country where there were too many other people who were making a lot less than they were.

That dream of America is one where the American worker can find a job that pays him or her a fair wage, has a good safety net, and where there is no discrimination.

That vision of America does not exist in the Trump administration.

Trump has chosen to ignore the American Hope, and he is doing so for the benefit of his own ego.

His choice to ignore that American Hope and to prioritize his own personal wealth over the American working class has left his workers with fewer choices and with less protection.

There will be fewer jobs for people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, because the American workforce is aging and is becoming less competitive in an increasingly globalized economy.

There won’t be enough jobs for young people who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s.

There’ll be fewer job opportunities for people whose parents have made it in the past.

There can be less opportunity for people

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